Virtual People Ltd. was started in 2011 in Rijeka, Croatia. We at Virtual People are thinking about cloud concept for more than 10 years, and have finally seen it gain momentum we hoped for. We believe that our cloud related expertise will be beneficial to numerous customers and service providers globally to step into the new cloud era and experience all benefits cloud has to offer.
Damir Lukic CEO, a cloud visionary with extensive background in storage and virtualization technologies with over 6 years experience working as a sales and technical consultant for largest Croatian system integrators serving largest customers in the region. Damir also has over 2 year extensive experience working with global companies adopting cloud.


Address: Mrkopaljska 57
City: 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Telephone: +385 (0)91 1337 955


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Cloud migration

Virtual People has a rare specialty – we migrate environments to the cloud. We believe that cloud is here to stay and have devoted our time and experience to help customers onboard the cloud. There are numerous reasons why a company of any size should join the cloud, and we are here to give you comprehensive explanation why:

Cost reduction
Tired of hardware/software refresh every few years? In the cloud there is no such thing, you don’t need to worry about CAPEX, datacenters, resources or licenses. Get what you need when you need it.
Dynamic cost control
Why pay for something you don’t use? Join the cloud, and you will never have to do that again.
You need new servers for testing new application and you need them right now, not in 2 months? Not a problem, provision yourself 1, 10, 100 or 1000 servers in matter of minutes and pay for as long as you use them. Don’t forget to delete them after you’re done.
Green computing
No need to worry about energy consumption anymore or CO2 emissions. It is the problem of the cloud service provider from now on, you are paying for the service provided to you. Simple as that.
24/7 availability
Having problems with power outages, faulty servers or availability of your services in general? No need to worry anymore, cloud service proves can handle this part much more efficient than anyone else, leaving your business running without disruptions - 24/7.
Trained support
Do you really need trained personnel anymore? Yes you do, but focus on business applications. In the cloud you will not see or hear about a physical device ever again, it’s there, but it is not your concern anymore.

Whether you would like to migrate servers, desktops or email platforms, Virtual People can assist you, either by consulting how to properly migrate the environment, or we can do this for you.

Our team has migrated hundreds of servers to the cloud and have extensive expertise in this field. We approach cloud migration projects with numerous tools and concepts, depending on service level your company requires. Our migration process is designed to deliver maximum security and availability to your environment during the migration.

Feel free to consult with us during cloud service provider due diligence phase, as we can help you decide which cloud platform is the best for you and where will your environment work the best.

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Cloud environment administration

Once the migration is done, you will need to train your personnel to support the environment properly. With our extensive expertise, we at Virtual People are able to help your teams learn how to properly address all issues that could arise.

In case you prefer us to manage your environment, feel free to contact us.

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Cloud consulting services

Risk assessment
Virtual People can offer risk assessment to identify risks involved with cloud adoption.
Project management
Virtual People can completely cover project management tasks related to cloud migrations.
Team leadership
Virtual People can completely cover cloud migration team management operations.
Workload optimization
Virtual People can help you identify new approaches to do your business more efficiently.
Due diligence of the current environment
Virtual People can do a due diligence on your current environment to determine the proper type of cloud environment that will be the best match for you.

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Cloud enablement

Here in Virtual People, we believe that one of the major obstacles in massive cloud adoption is actually what we do – cloud migration. There are numerous cloud service providers in the world, but there are none who offer easy cloud migration services, making every cloud migration project extremely difficult.

Cloud import facilities
Virtual People can help cloud providers design import facilities that are required for cloud migrations. Also, we are able to help cloud service providers design processes for secure cloud imports.
Cloud service level design
Also, we can help cloud service providers design different sets of service levels to attract customers of all sizes and requirements.

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Google Apps

Google Apps are quite interesting set of services and office tools that can completely change how your business operates. We can help you migrate your Exchange, Lotus Domino or any other IMAP email platform to Google Apps. Also, we can help you set up and learn how to use Google Docs and replace MS SharePoint or Office.

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 Sales and presales consulting

As we have extensive background in cloud, virtualization, storage and availability technologies, we are willing to help your company increase sales revenues offering you sales and presales consulting related to VMware, Citrix, EMC and Symantec portfolio of products.

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